Saturday, May 30, 2009

Always a day late and a dollar short...

So Fashion Fridays might have to become Super Saturday because I get too busy on Fridays. My boss took me to a wonderful art fair last night in the old Prairie Village shopping area of Prairie Village, KS. Loved the art and especially the two dress shops we visited there, but really 79 dollars for a tank top!!! OMG, I also had a heart attack and didn't want to touch anything! I did LOVE some of the dresses and especially a little crocheted shrug (that was 59$ - I almost had a moment of weakness, but Clay - my husband - called just at that moment - wake up call!!!). I saw lots of art, jewelry and glass pieces I would love to have, but money's too tight. We are trying to buy a house so no crazy purchases. I'm off to garage sale it, but wanted to share another great fabric find from the first season of Project Runway winner, Jay McCarroll. I got to meet him in Houston at the Quilt Market Fall 2008. He's so nice and wonderful. I'd love to see him again and get some of his fabrics used in our patterns, but I might be a lone wolf on this one. Beware - they are different, but I LOVE his first line of fabrics. Here is just a sample:

Click here to view his line at

I'll post pictures after my garage saleing if I find anything good. I'm hoping for storage drawers for my new sewing area. Clay built me shelves while I was in Pittsburgh for a Mother's Day gift. I love them. It gives me room to display my fabrics and baskets of patterns. Now how to organize the rest of the fabric and all the art supplies.

Hope I find some good stuff! Until later...

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