Friday, December 24, 2010

Making Glittery Christmas Ornaments

These are super easy ornaments to make and very inexpensive.

All you need to make these are clear glass ornaments (which you can find at any craft or hobby store, very fine glitter (make sure it is very fine - this gives the best results - we love Martha Stewart's colors but we used a dollar store version that worked just fine), and Pledge Floor Care with Futura (make sure this is the exact brand). We also had a small tub, toothpick, piece of cardboard (about 3" square).

First, open the ornament and pour in a good amount of the floor liquid. Put your finger over the hold and swish it around and then pour it into the tub. Cut a hole in the cardboard to fit the to top of the ornament. Put the ornament in upside down to drain. You don't want any bubbles in it so use the toothpick to pull the bubbles out the hole.

Then using a tiny funnel - our glitter came with one - fill the ornament a large amount of glitter. Put your finger over the hole and swish the glitter arthund. Pour the extra back into the container.

Put the top back on and Done!!!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Writing a children's book

So after first having the idea in like fifth grade, the book I always wanted to get published is going to the first publisher. I'm trying not to get my hopes up too high but I truly feel that this book, this labor of love, this God inspired word for children is supposed to be out there. It might take more time - I'm sure it will in fact. It's going to happen and I'm very excited about it. I've gotten some very positive feedback from former school teachers and others which has really helped me stay positive regarding the future of my book. Wish me luck and I'll keep posting about my journey from little Midwest mom with a dream to author!!