Wednesday, July 22, 2009

New Ebay Listings

So I'm trying to upload some of my junk - which is really good junk btw - to Ebay this morning. I will continue to put things up as I'm on vacation the rest of this week but I'm not leaving until Thursday night. Do an advanced search and on the right side you will see a Search by member choice. Search my ebay member name which is craftpinkmom. You will then see a list of all items I am currently listing. I also still have items listed on Etsy.

I just read a great article in Quilter's Home - my favorite quilting mag by Mark Lipinski (who I met at the Quilt Market - he's great!!!) - on selling on Many people have had great success, but I did find they said it took a while to get going. Many waited 6 months for one sale - but after a year or so they were selling weekly. Hmmm...I've sold a few items so I'm going to keep it up and see how it goes.

So I just got a ring at the door and it was two nice ladies from the Jehovah's Witnesses. ARH!!! They were so nice to talk about prayer and helping others. I just said we go to church and pray and they read a Bible verse and then went away, but said they's be back some day. Great. Some religions scare me with their do-good attitude but they have some scarily beliefs.

Well enough of my ramblings - check out my listings. Here are some pics of what is listed on eBay.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Great Place to Find Fabric Online

I'm always on the lookout for places to find Amy Butler fabrics for purchase wether it's online or in person. As you all know my favorite designer of fabric is Amy Butler. She's not only a great designer but a wonderful person. Well, one our my followers just happens to have an online store that sells among other things, some Amy fabric and patterns - Glenna with Your Fabric Place. Her website is She is carrying a couple of Amy's new patterns that I'd like to try out - The new mini dress & top and the field bag. Both look cute. I have to admit that I find Amy's patterns a bit complicated and at times difficult for a beginner. I consider myself a beginner but I also grew up around sewing my whole life so I think some just soaked in. I've never been stuck or not able to complete one of her patterns, but they aren't sew easy either. I've made a few of her patterns - the half circle tank (which I wear all the time), the Cabo halter (which I never wear because the dip in the middle shows the bra - it needs a touch up) and the cute dress with caps sleeves (which i'm too fat for right now, but maybe I'll fix back in soon).

I've used her fabric to make my Audrey's dress shown in a previous post while standing next to Amy at the Quilt Market. You would think living in Kansas City - a big major city - I could find Amy fabric everywhere but I can't. There are two stores I know of that carry it and both never have the coordinates I want. They sell out too fast or don't have the ones I want. Bummer! Hence why I'm always looking online! Between the 10/yard price and shipping charges, it can get out of hand. Most of Glenna's fabrics 8.50/yard with 5$ shipping no matter how much you order! Sounds pretty good to me. She also carrys a little Anna Marie Horner which I love too. Plus she carries patterns by Amy Butler and my absolute favorite patterns - INDYGO JUNCTION OF COURSE!!!!! :)

I'm working on items for a show I want to be in for the Art Flea Market in the Crossroads Art District here is downtown Kansas City. I'll try to post some of my works soon plus I finally got my skinny fat book swap done and back. Will post on that later.

Finally, we sure to check out the new blog for The Vintage Workshop. Until next time...