Saturday, December 12, 2009

New eBay listings for my work

Short note to say Indygojunction and thevintageworkshop913 both have new eBay listings including designer samples, hard to find printables, patterns, CDs, crystals, and lots more. Do an advanced search for either seller name listed above and you can see all we have available. Some are ending soon so don't miss this sale. Indygo junction is also having a big wool roving sale at their website www. check it all out!!!! Later!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Get some FREE Fabric

Hey everyone...I've got a deal for you. Indygo Junction, my favorite pattern company, and The Vintage Workshop,also my employer is having a great contest. Post a comment on their blog and get entered to win 25 yards (yes, you heard me) of FREE FABRIC. Check is out at Click on the title of the contest post, then scroll all the way to the bottom of the page and fill out the little form. That's it...your entered.

We are also selling LOTS of fabric on eBay for cheap, cheap, cheap plus discontinued patterns including doll clothes that fit American Girl Dolls, clothing, purses, Christmas stuff, embroidery, and much, much more. Links to our eBay stuff is in the post with the contest. Check it all out!!


Sunday, August 16, 2009

Two Cute Purses I Made This Weekend

Here are two cute purses I made this weekend. The pink one with the squares was a gift for my neice Emma's 6th birthday. The other is also a gift. I was just trying out a new pattern for Emma's and then for the other I used a sweet roll which is strips of coordinating fabric that are 1 1/2 inches wide.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Lots of new art project up on Etsy Store

There are lots of new art projects I just listed on Etsy including a rose shadow box, a garden themed shadow box (well actually two) and more. Check it out!!!

New Etsy Adds

I hope everyone loves the new design. I was having trouble getting people to the website - it kept crashing a few people's computer and it only happened after getting the last template I was using...I hope this works better. Don't you love it.

Well...I don't have much time to spare these days but I'm trying to get some new items up on my Etsy store so look for new things to come soon.

I'm putting my Grommet Grab Bag purse on Etsy as soon as I'm done with this post. I've listed pictures of it before on here, but here's the pictures again as a reminder. It's a beautiful yellow, brown and green bag in a floral and leaf print. I used Hoffman Fabrics line called Reflections. I just love this collection. Check it out!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

New Ebay Listings

So I'm trying to upload some of my junk - which is really good junk btw - to Ebay this morning. I will continue to put things up as I'm on vacation the rest of this week but I'm not leaving until Thursday night. Do an advanced search and on the right side you will see a Search by member choice. Search my ebay member name which is craftpinkmom. You will then see a list of all items I am currently listing. I also still have items listed on Etsy.

I just read a great article in Quilter's Home - my favorite quilting mag by Mark Lipinski (who I met at the Quilt Market - he's great!!!) - on selling on Many people have had great success, but I did find they said it took a while to get going. Many waited 6 months for one sale - but after a year or so they were selling weekly. Hmmm...I've sold a few items so I'm going to keep it up and see how it goes.

So I just got a ring at the door and it was two nice ladies from the Jehovah's Witnesses. ARH!!! They were so nice to talk about prayer and helping others. I just said we go to church and pray and they read a Bible verse and then went away, but said they's be back some day. Great. Some religions scare me with their do-good attitude but they have some scarily beliefs.

Well enough of my ramblings - check out my listings. Here are some pics of what is listed on eBay.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Great Place to Find Fabric Online

I'm always on the lookout for places to find Amy Butler fabrics for purchase wether it's online or in person. As you all know my favorite designer of fabric is Amy Butler. She's not only a great designer but a wonderful person. Well, one our my followers just happens to have an online store that sells among other things, some Amy fabric and patterns - Glenna with Your Fabric Place. Her website is She is carrying a couple of Amy's new patterns that I'd like to try out - The new mini dress & top and the field bag. Both look cute. I have to admit that I find Amy's patterns a bit complicated and at times difficult for a beginner. I consider myself a beginner but I also grew up around sewing my whole life so I think some just soaked in. I've never been stuck or not able to complete one of her patterns, but they aren't sew easy either. I've made a few of her patterns - the half circle tank (which I wear all the time), the Cabo halter (which I never wear because the dip in the middle shows the bra - it needs a touch up) and the cute dress with caps sleeves (which i'm too fat for right now, but maybe I'll fix back in soon).

I've used her fabric to make my Audrey's dress shown in a previous post while standing next to Amy at the Quilt Market. You would think living in Kansas City - a big major city - I could find Amy fabric everywhere but I can't. There are two stores I know of that carry it and both never have the coordinates I want. They sell out too fast or don't have the ones I want. Bummer! Hence why I'm always looking online! Between the 10/yard price and shipping charges, it can get out of hand. Most of Glenna's fabrics 8.50/yard with 5$ shipping no matter how much you order! Sounds pretty good to me. She also carrys a little Anna Marie Horner which I love too. Plus she carries patterns by Amy Butler and my absolute favorite patterns - INDYGO JUNCTION OF COURSE!!!!! :)

I'm working on items for a show I want to be in for the Art Flea Market in the Crossroads Art District here is downtown Kansas City. I'll try to post some of my works soon plus I finally got my skinny fat book swap done and back. Will post on that later.

Finally, we sure to check out the new blog for The Vintage Workshop. Until next time...

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Vintage Sewing Notions Shadowbox

Hello all. So I just launched the Vintage Workshop blog for my work. It's got a picture of me and Amy, my boss on the new entry. It's a great place to visit for project ideas and new techniques for creating great craft projects. The website is

Also, I just listed my newest project on It's a vintage sewing notions shadowbox. I used actual vintage sewing notions and a beautiful cherrywood finish wooden frame that be stood up or hung on the wall. Check it out.

So the heat wave sweeping our area has keep us all inside for days. The weekend we'd hoped to again to go the lake, but with my husband having to work today coupled with the heat - we decided the best thing to do was to stay home. Bummer. This give me the chance to do some more art work.

I currently am working on a wall hanging for church and another altered art wall hanging out of a leatherette bound western set of Time Life books. I don't like the western themes so I'm turning one of the covers into a wall art piece with a floral theme instead. I hope it turns out okay. This one is just a test case. I have like a set of eight books I got a garage sale. I'll take some process pics of this one to see what new things I can do with this.

Til Next time...Cheryl

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Leave it to Mom...and on Father's Day no less.

So my mother has reminded me that it's been a while since my last post. I know, I know...but when you get creative, you get busy. I've been working on my swap for my ABC Yahoo group. It was for our 6th Anniversary and I had to make 25 pages. I struggled with it and then lost some of my prepared images. Needless to say I cut it to the last minute, but finally they are done. They will go in the mail tomorrow. I don't have pics today, but do have a few others things to share.

I did also finish my new Vintage Sewing Notions shadowbox that will be for sale on Etsy soon. I want to take better pics before listing so...Here's a preview.

Next, I started work on a labor of love for my church - Living Water Christian Church - click here to visit the website!!! I'm quilting it by hand so it will take a little longer, but I felt like God wanted me to share something special that I love to do and that is my passion (handwork, crosses, sewing - these are my passions) and do something good for Him. So here again is a sneak peek.

So...Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there. My husband had fun today just hanging around the house and doing a little shopping at Old Navy - 1/2 off all men's clothes. Plus he got Chickenfoot tickets...if you don't know who they are - it's a band - google it!!! I wanted to say a little something about my Dad. At church today we were asked what we inherited from our Dad. I thought about it a bit but I guess what I got from my Dad was to work hard, take care of your family, sacrifice, but most of all - show them you love them - kiss, hug, tell them you love them. My Dad isn't afraid to show or tell me or my sister he loves us. I see lots of other men who don't do that and it's a shame. I'm so glad that Clay - my husband - does this with our son. He didn't have this growing up and he does it because of this and because I told him how much this meant to me. :) It makes me happy.

I will always know that my son might not grow up knowing what it's like to have everything he wants, but he'll know he's loved. This is exactly how I feel about my parents. I know I was and AM loved.


Saturday, May 30, 2009

Always a day late and a dollar short...

So Fashion Fridays might have to become Super Saturday because I get too busy on Fridays. My boss took me to a wonderful art fair last night in the old Prairie Village shopping area of Prairie Village, KS. Loved the art and especially the two dress shops we visited there, but really 79 dollars for a tank top!!! OMG, I also had a heart attack and didn't want to touch anything! I did LOVE some of the dresses and especially a little crocheted shrug (that was 59$ - I almost had a moment of weakness, but Clay - my husband - called just at that moment - wake up call!!!). I saw lots of art, jewelry and glass pieces I would love to have, but money's too tight. We are trying to buy a house so no crazy purchases. I'm off to garage sale it, but wanted to share another great fabric find from the first season of Project Runway winner, Jay McCarroll. I got to meet him in Houston at the Quilt Market Fall 2008. He's so nice and wonderful. I'd love to see him again and get some of his fabrics used in our patterns, but I might be a lone wolf on this one. Beware - they are different, but I LOVE his first line of fabrics. Here is just a sample:

Click here to view his line at

I'll post pictures after my garage saleing if I find anything good. I'm hoping for storage drawers for my new sewing area. Clay built me shelves while I was in Pittsburgh for a Mother's Day gift. I love them. It gives me room to display my fabrics and baskets of patterns. Now how to organize the rest of the fabric and all the art supplies.

Hope I find some good stuff! Until later...

Monday, May 25, 2009

My First ATC Swap

I wanted to comment on my very first ATC - or Artist Trading Cards - swap. For those of you that might not know, an ATC card is the size of a playing card and is basically just what it says an artist's card - so a small piece of art that is usually centered around a theme/swap and is traded like a baseball card.

My very first swap was called Anything But Paper swap. It was harder than I thought it would be. I think because there was no specific theme, like usual I had too hard a time narrowing down what I wanted to do. I did a couple of samples first and nothing was working for me. Finally I decided to use a technique I learned at The Vintage Workshop and created a mini-fabric postcard. I used some scraps of my favorite fabric from Amy Butler and then sewed it together with a strip of white muslin in the middle. Then I stamped the word inspire on the white strip. I got lots of compliments on my card and praise for it being my first cards ever! I was so nervous that I would be giving someone that card that they would look at and say...this is why I don't do swaps...I work so hard and just get junk back. I loved it but would others. I was great to get a positive response. Thanks Ladies!! Here is a picture of the beautiful cards I received. The materials range from metal, fabric, charms, shrink wrap, etc. I just love my first group.

I've joined a new swap from my Altered Book Club Yahoo Group. It is for the 6th anniversary of the group and it's called a skinny fat book. The pages have to be 3" x 6" leaving an unembellished area on the side for binding. I plan on binding mine with jump rings. I have to make 25 pages all the same and send them to the host. Then I will get 24 pages back (one is for myself). The theme is supposed to be ABC Anniversary or something closely related. The traditional anniversary theme is candy while modern is iron. I'm not sure exactly what I'm going to do yet. I'm probably make a prototype as usual and go from there. I love the anniversary idea and I'm leaning towards the candy theme too. Hmm..let's see what happens.

Happy Memorial Day to all. Bring the troops home!!! We love and miss every single service person and want them to be home with their families.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Final Pictures from Quilt Market

So I've finally found some time to post the last of my pictures from Quilt Market and you will finally see a picture of me. My favorite fabric designer, Amy Butler, asked me...yes little ole take a picture with her because I was wearing one of my favorite new dress patterns from Indygo Junction - Audrey's Dress - in her fabric. I couldn't believe it!! She's like fabric royalty!! I loved it to say the least. I've also posted below my favorite new fabric sample for Fashion Friday!! It's from a newer fabric company called Art Gallery Fabrics. Check them out...they are fab!!! Some of the pictures are of quilts, some are samples I made for the show, some are of Amy Butler's booth at the show, and the rest are things I purchased - mostly for my mom!! Enjoy!!

This is the Art Gallery Fabric sample.

Hope everyone has loved to see the quilts that are usually only available for store owners eyes. I love the art quilts. I can't believe some of these are actually sewn fabric and not paintings. The photos do NOT do most of these justice - the amount of stitching and work that went into them is amazing! Please post comments. I'll be having a market special giveaway next week. I haven't decided what item to giveaway from Market, but keep you eyes peeled for an announcement coming soon.

Later!! Have a great Memorial Weekend!!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

More Quilts from the Show

I have more quilts to post from the show. I apologize that again my camera phone doesn't do them justice. They are all beautiful. I'll try to get more today as today is the last day of the show and let me tell you I'm done!!! Long hours, puffy eyes, sore feet and I still haven't really gotten to take anytime to look around at the booths. I've said hi to Amy Butler, my favorite fashion designer; I got to meet Jennifer Paganelli, of Sis Boom (check out her website)- she's also a fabric designer and I won an adorable little doll on her blog; and lastly I did visit the booth of Susan Christie, a vintage jewelry & sewing notions dealer. Her stuff is amazing. I can't afford most of it, but I love to look and dream. :) So here you go...

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Pictures from the Quilt Exhibit

Hey Everyone! These are my favorite pics for far. They are from the Quilt Exhibit that is displayed with the Trade Show. Many of the quilts - some of my favorites - you cannot photograph - so here are some runner ups. Plus I have included the traveling display of the Fashion Show which was a yearly event and last year was the last one. I LOVE these dresses. I know the pictures with my camera phone aren't the best, but hopefully it will give you a glimpse of what you wouldn't normally get to see. Plus I had a request for pics of our of my customers booths, Creative Smocking which will be at the end. We aim to please. I'll take more pics today if possible. It's usually our biggest sales day so I might be too busy. I'll try to at least post in the morning the fabric finds I've purchased. If there is anything else, you'd like to see - post me a comment. I'll do my best.