Sunday, June 21, 2009

Leave it to Mom...and on Father's Day no less.

So my mother has reminded me that it's been a while since my last post. I know, I know...but when you get creative, you get busy. I've been working on my swap for my ABC Yahoo group. It was for our 6th Anniversary and I had to make 25 pages. I struggled with it and then lost some of my prepared images. Needless to say I cut it to the last minute, but finally they are done. They will go in the mail tomorrow. I don't have pics today, but do have a few others things to share.

I did also finish my new Vintage Sewing Notions shadowbox that will be for sale on Etsy soon. I want to take better pics before listing so...Here's a preview.

Next, I started work on a labor of love for my church - Living Water Christian Church - click here to visit the website!!! I'm quilting it by hand so it will take a little longer, but I felt like God wanted me to share something special that I love to do and that is my passion (handwork, crosses, sewing - these are my passions) and do something good for Him. So here again is a sneak peek.

So...Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there. My husband had fun today just hanging around the house and doing a little shopping at Old Navy - 1/2 off all men's clothes. Plus he got Chickenfoot tickets...if you don't know who they are - it's a band - google it!!! I wanted to say a little something about my Dad. At church today we were asked what we inherited from our Dad. I thought about it a bit but I guess what I got from my Dad was to work hard, take care of your family, sacrifice, but most of all - show them you love them - kiss, hug, tell them you love them. My Dad isn't afraid to show or tell me or my sister he loves us. I see lots of other men who don't do that and it's a shame. I'm so glad that Clay - my husband - does this with our son. He didn't have this growing up and he does it because of this and because I told him how much this meant to me. :) It makes me happy.

I will always know that my son might not grow up knowing what it's like to have everything he wants, but he'll know he's loved. This is exactly how I feel about my parents. I know I was and AM loved.


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