Thursday, May 14, 2009

Pittsburgh PA at last

I had a warm welcome coming into Pittsburgh, PA for the International Spring Quilt Market. Our flight was nice and even though it was no non-stop - we make a short stop in Chicago Midway to change planes - it seemed like a short but sweet flight.

We got in and went straight to the hotel to unload and then it was off to dinner Pittsburgh style. We ended up getting dropped off by our hotel at "The Incline". This is basically an old wooden trolley system that take you up the side of a cliff that runs along the "Three Rivers" that converge in Pittsburgh. This was a bit scarey for me as I'm afraid of heights but we made it up and it was a wonderful view of the city. Once at the top, we ate at Monterey Bay Grotto. This had to be the best seafood ever eaten. I had the lobster stuffed shrimp and bites of my friend Dian's crab cakes. WONDERFUL!!!!! It was definitely on the expensive side, but when works paying who cares, right?? The view was spectacular as well as the restaurant sat on the top floor of a high end apartment complex. NICE!!! I would definitely recommend this place if in Pittsburgh.

Wednesday was all about setting up the booth. We were so busy - no pictures of it really and the ones I took us us out the night before did not turn out well due to the darkness. I'll post them anyway. I only have my camera phone. My digital camera is out of commission thanks to my stupid lab Jack who chewed through the cord.

Today I will get pictures of the finished booth - including all the new patterns, fabrics, etc that are displayed. Over the next few days I will take some pictues of fabrics and patterns of others if they permit and get them posted. Tonight is sample spree - which basically is where 10,000 women come to buy our patterns in samples. In other words, this is there chance to buy single patterns instead of our regular minimums. This is a four hour mad house of flying patterns and cash. I can't even begin to guess how much money exchanges hands this night. It's where I spend all mine. I will be buying fabrics and patterns; vintage jewelry and more. Will post pics of these. I probably won't post more until Friday night because I won't be back to the hotel until after 11:00 pm tonight and since I'm starting at 8am I have a long day ahead. I'm definitely excited for today.

Bye for now!!!!

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