Tuesday, May 5, 2009

He's Growing Up Too Fast

So today was the day. Today was the day that I realized my little "baby" was not a baby anymore, but a boy, little boy still, but a growing up boy. As I dropped him off in before school care he ran over to the little group of boys building with blocks that he always hangs with and as I came over to give him the same hug and kiss I've given him for 6.5 years good-bye - he said, "Mom maybe just a hug in front of the other boys."

I was crushed! I took him aside and said Let me give you a kiss over here where they won't see. He didn't like it but humored me. It was hard enough when he switched from Mommy to Mom about a year ago, but NO KISSES IN FRONT OF THE OTHER KIDS!! Next thing you know I'll have to drop him off a block away from school.

Now I can deal with the gray hair and the added weight and the creaking bones, but now I'm baby isn't a baby anymore. Tonight he's getting the lecture that you're never too old to kiss your mother...even if we have to do it in the car before we go in!

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