Friday, May 15, 2009

Pictures of our Booth at Quilt Market Spring 2009

Well, here are the long awaited first pics of the Indygo Junction booths at the 2009 Spring International Quilt Market. We had a few items at school houses where Distributors, etc tell about their newest items - mostly ours were at Fabric Companies showing off their fabric and our patterns. So this has a few spots that aren't finished...but you get the idea. Also, I'll try to take some pictures of the quilts and fashions in the exhibit where permitted today and let you guys see those as well.

Later and enjoy!


  1. can you get any pictures of creative smocking/cs distributors booth??

  2. I love Creative Smocking. Tiffany carries many of our cute children's patterns. I will post pictures of her booth and the quilts and clothing from the show tomorrow morning. I told Tiffany someone requested pics of her booth and we were both wondering who it was? Please post your name. Thanks so much.