Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Waiting my life away...I'd rather be sewing

So do you notice that when you know that there is a fun sewing project with fun fabrics waiting for you at home - dogs at the vets, kids at school, hubby's at work - that time stands still while you run errands. I had to drop off the kid and the dog, get my taxes done, get my personal property taxes done all so I could get my car tags renewed. On the way to the DMV I remembered the stupid car needed an inspection. Darn!!! More waiting! Today I'm working on a new grommet purse in development for Indygo Junction. I just can't wait to get started but here I sit - waiting, waiting, waiting and hoping it is all okay. Then off to the DMV for I'm guessing more waiting! Fun to me! But the light at the end of my tunnel is a great purse and great fabric.

If your looking fir a great tote purse to show off your favorite fabrics, try Indygo Junction's Grids & Grommets purse or for something flirty use jelly rolls in your favorite coordinates and try the Serged Satchel. Links to Indygo are at the side or type in

Later I'll try to post some pics. Back to waiting!

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