Monday, April 6, 2009

Doing it for me and being okay with that

So I've been experimenting with techniques this past few days for my altered art pages. Trying to find my style and seeing how things work. What I'm finding is this annoying need to share my art for validation - we love it - yet being nervous they won't like it! How did this happen - where did this need come from?

Mom always taught me I could do anything. Growing up I was just treated and expected to act like a smart capable liberated woman who could take care if herself, didn't need a man or anyone else to take care of me. Independent. Strong. Creative. Talented. I never thought i was too egotistical about it - maybe a little bit of a smartie pants. But never doubted myself or my abilities.

Art makes me feel vulnerable and in need of validation. Hmmm...maybe it's my inner child acting up. I get it is therapy! It helps me to deal with deep feelings that are too messy to deal with in the open.

I'm finding just the act of creating fun. I'm still working on the it's okay if no one else gets it part.

I'll post pics of a shadow book I made later. It's a gift but I live the way it turned out! Amy I hope you love it too.

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