Friday, April 3, 2009

How Many UFO's Makes You a Real Crafter

So I know most sewing and crafting people know what UFO's are - I had never heard of this term until I read about it in Quilter's Home Magazine (which I absolutely love!!!). Un Finished Objects. I'd heard of unfinished projects - did I mention I grew up with a seamstress mom whom I'm now convinced has ADD - too much creative juice, too little time!!!! Currently she has embroidery projects, sewing projects, and I think she said five crocheting projects all going at the same time. She assures me that with age comes finishing, but I giggled at that. Yeah, right!!!

So tonight I plan on starting another one -altered art. I've found a wonderful Yahoo Group called Altered Book Club. Where have they been all my life??? I love the collage work and how you are so free to create something from the rules, no directions, no seams to keep straight, no fitting to worry about. It's pure art and I think it's right up my alley. So tonight I'm going to start on my book pages. I think I'd like to do something Van Gogh as I'm currently in love with Starry Night. Speaking of unfinished projects, I have a large project already working for this topic. I'm workin on a quilt with a large applique section for Starry Night in the middle with embroidered blocks in blue work and nine patchs around the edges. I've finished the applique and am in process on the embroidery. If I find the time tonight, maybe I'll take some pictures and post them.

I'll definitely take process pictures of my altered adventure tonight. Let's see if I can up my UFO #'s!! Later!

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