Friday, April 17, 2009

Picture a Lemon-Line Fashion Bag

So here's the sneak peak at the new purse I worked on for Indygo Junction made up in Hoffman Fabrics line called Reflections. It comes in a yellow/green colorway like the one I used, but it also comes in a brown/teal colorway that is beautiful too. Again, the pictures are from my camera phone and are not the best. My great new digital camera can't connect with my computer right now because my dog chewed through the cord. ARG!!! Of course, it costs almost as much to replace the camera as the stupid this will have to do.

The purse has grommets and the braided handle option - it also will have a plain handle option. Check out all our new patterns from Indygo Junction in early June/late May. Right now they are having a Buy Two, Get One FREE sale (it only happens once a year so take advantage if you can).

This is a front view.

This is an inside view.

So I also joined my first swap this week - its for ATC cards made of using anything but paper. I've began experimenting with some needlefelting effects and beading ideas tonight and will surely post of in progress pics soon so I can hopefully get some feedback. Have a great weekend - it will be my first garage saling of the year!!! I hope to find some picture frames, shadow boxes and/or vintage sewing items. Maybe some books to collage...let's see. I'll be sure to post my finds also.


  1. Is this the Grids and Grommet bag pattern from Indygo Junction?

  2. No, but I do have a Grids & Grommet bag for sale on my Etsy store. This is the new Grommet bag we are working to develop for release in late May - it will be called the Grommet Grab Bag. It's a fun new version of a Grommeted purse. I love it!! Look for it to appear on the website in the next month!!