Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Traditions

I know this is a little late to post about Easter, but I wanted to share another tradition our family is carrying on. It's an old tradition for Easter in South St.Louis to have what's called a Lamb Cake. And no, Virginia, it's not made of lamb like a friend of my mother's thought...

It's a kind of creepy, dry and sponge coconut covered, raisin decorated cake shaped like a lamb. I've included a picture. It tastes okay but the really important part is that it's an old tradition that we want to continue. Remembering those things we did as children and then sharing them with our children is important. It teaches them something - like learning from the past, keeping family traditions so we can remember our history, our family history. So starts our new "old" tradition for Easter.

I took lots of Spring has Sprung pictures to inspire while in St. Louis visiting my parents for the weekend and hope to add some of those tomorrow. I've finally got a day off - lots of errands to run, but I hope to also make some ATC cards too. It's hard to get time alone at home to work on my art so tomorrow's my chance.

Tonight I made 24 cupcakes for my son's class, cleaned my sewing/art table in preparation, and dug out all the paperwork for my errands tomorrow - pre work makes all the difference. I hope to have lots of things to share.

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