Friday, March 27, 2009

Working on the Weekend - Sew, Mama, Sew

So my big plans for making some more purses won't be happening this weekend. Instead I will still be sewing just not for myself. My boss asked me to test some of our newest patterns - some cute children's clothing - so I'll be making those this weekend. I get to use some really great fabrics that won't be out until this summer by Anna Marie Horner - click here to visit her blog. It's fab!! So no pictures of what I'll be working on, but I will post after they debut if I can.

It's supposed to go back to winter this weekend in KC - just after my flowers in the front of my house started to bud. It was 72 on Sunday, tornado watches on Monday, and now it's supposed to snow tomorrow morning - some saying up to 12 inches. Again, I say in Kansas City, if you don't like the weather wait until tomorrow. It's hopefully going to melt fast. It's the perfect day to stay in my fleece jammies and sew my little heart out.

I'll have to take some photos tomorrow of all the new fallen snow. I learned yesterday that my camera actually has a snow setting - huh, what will they think of next. I got this digital camera for my birthday this year from - you guessed it, my mother. It's been so super easy to use and plugs right into the computer. It's a Kodak easy share with a big screen and lots of those mega-pixels.

Anyway, more pictures to come tomorrow if I can find the time to post between the sewing and the snowing!

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