Saturday, March 21, 2009

Death to the person who invented the threading of a serger

Okay so this morning I thought I'd get up and make up some easy serged potholders that I want to sell in my Etsy Store - Just Like Mom Crafts. Well two hours later and I hate my serger! The stupid thing ran out of thread on one of the spools - it has four. I've been told a million times by lots of people - don't let it run out - tie it off to thread it. Well who pays attention to that while sewing. So I thread that one and then another one runs out. ARG!!!!!

Okay I get that done, and try again to finish the stupid potholder that is supposed to take 10 minutes including cutting it out. Well it's a disaster. The threads kept messing up so I had to continually re-do the damn thing. I couldn't get all of the edges to catch and finally I'd cut off too much off the corners trying to make it work - in the trash it goes. Okay. I am going to give it a break and then try again. It took me forever to get the machine working properly and apparently it took me some time to figure out three layers of batting - too much!!!

I'll post some pictures of my failure and success (if that every happens). I guess when developing your own patterns it take trial and error. Who knew? I expected it to be perfect the first time. I mean I have been sewing for almost a year. Did I mention that my first sewing machine was given to me guessed mom on Mother's Day. It was supposed to be a loaner that turned into a gift.

I thought this was going to be my stress releaver not a stressor!!!!

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  1. I hear ya! Who would have thought sergers have not evolved? Our cell phones can do everything
    except bake bread, yet a serger threads with the same difficulty as it did 20 years ago. Although I think BabyLock has one for about a million dollars which threads itself.