Thursday, March 19, 2009

Getting Ready for Easter

So the next holiday to "craft" for is Easter. I'm going to try working on some special egg decorating - what eggs have to do with Easter is beyond me, but until my son is too big for dyeing eggs we'll go for it.

I'm thinking of trying to adhere rub-onz to my eggs this year. I'll let Nathan dye the eggs and then after they dry I'll add the rub-onz - something vintage Easter probably. Since I've starting working for The Vintage Workshop (a must visit website for all things sewing and vintage - it's wonderful) I've become a vintage art lover. Another case of what's old is new again.

When I was younger, my mother's step-father passed away and I got a big box full of old papers, ledgers, coins and photos. I played with them and then they were all thrown away. I could just kick myself for it now. That was prime collage material, man. Now I have to pay for that kind of stuff.

So back to the eggs - I'll have to do a test run before Easter gets too close so I'll post my progress with photos on here. It should be fun and hopefully look good too.

More to come!!

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