Wednesday, March 18, 2009

How I Became My Mother...and how I'm getting over it!!

So here is the deal. I grew up with a mom who sewed for a living. Every trip to the mall or local store ended with.."I can make that" and nothing was ever bought. I hated it. The only part I loved was that I got to design all my own prom/formals in high school! Okay so it wasn't as bad as I thought.

My little sister, who isn't really crafty - although I think she has it in her - used to love to tease me by saying, "You are just like MOM!" That always got the desired reaction of "NO WAY!!"

Well, now I'm older, wiser and lo and behold I'm working in the pattern/fashion industry. Yes, it's true - I'm sewing and quilting and crafting, oh my! I've done what I swore I'd never do. I've become my mother! Well, this journal is to help me not have to pay for the therapy it would take to work through all those mom issues.

So this is my journey of How I Became My Mother and How I Got Over It. I'm hoping to make this into a book. I think a lot of us out there go through this around our mid-30's like me. It's not as bad as we think. Mom did lots of great stuff. So did grandma. Kids these days (did that sound like mom or what) are losing so much by not getting into the ART of sewing and working with fabrics and textiles.

I hope to inspire young people to pick up the needle and thread and start sewing! Learn from mom and grandma before it's too late! You'll learn so much - much more than a book will teach you! Well, til later! Bye!!

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